1. How long does it take to have digital music files uploaded to services?

Digital music distribution in the services takes only 7 working days.

2. Is the contract for the digital distribution of music files with XDiSC Digital Distribution exclusive?

No, the contract with us is not exclusive. If a client wants to work with another digital music distributor, they have the option to do so while still owning the content on XDiSC Digital Distribution.

3. Is it visible in the services that XDiSC Digital Distribution is an aggregator of music files?

No, but we give the customer complete freedom when it comes to the name of the label. It can be the name of the artist, the label or another name at the customer’s request, such as XDiSC Digital Distribution.

4. What file formats are accepted in the services?

Wav files are accepted in 16/24 bit, 44.1 kHz format, while image files are accepted in jpg format, 3000×3000 px.

5. In the services, can I add information (e.g. photos) to my profile?

Some services, including Spotify and iTunes, offer this option, so we send our customers links to create their own profiles.

6. How much will it cost me to cooperate with you?

Signing a contract with XDiSC Digital Distribution is free of charge. Subsequent settlements with our department depend on whether the content of the artist in question has exceeded the listenings worth 140 PLN in a given quarter. If not, the customer pays a subscription fee of PLN 39.90.

7. Which services will make me the most money?

How much a client will earn from listening to their music in a particular service depends on which service they choose to share the most on their social media to promote the material.

8. Can I run my YouTube channel while working with XDiSC Digital Distribution?

Of course. We do not take over our clients’ private YT channels. We have the option to be a patron of a channel for copyright protection purposes, but at the same time we do not restrict our clients from publishing their material on their channels.

9. How do you get on the XDiSC Digital Distribution playlist on Spotify?

It’s easy: choose your category and suggest your tracks by emailing Magdalena.Szadkowska@x-disc.pl

– Rock
– Metal
– Alternative music
– Rap / Hip-hop
– Jazz
– Pop
– Disco Polo
– Electronic music
– Chillout zone
– Recommended for the weekend
– Weddings
– For children

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